Brick versus Siding Installation Toronto

Posted Nov 28th 2021

Brick versus Siding Installation Toronto

Home exteriors give our places curb appeal and aesthetics and also make our homes energy efficient. If you’re planning on building a new house and don’t know whether to go with vinyl or aluminum siding installation Toronto or brick installation, here are a few factors to consider.

Both brick and siding are good options for the weather conditions that we experience in the Toronto area. You need to have something that has proven to be effective against the elements and both brick and siding meet these requirements. While brick has been a standard within the building industry for many years, new manufacturing techniques have transformed vinyl siding into a high-performing and versatile choice as an exterior finish.

It Often Boils down to Personal Preference

While there are good points and bad points to both brick and siding installation Toronto, your choice may come down to your own personal preference for the look you are trying to achieve with your new construction. Do you prefer the appearance of vinyl siding over brick or vice versa? Only you can make this final choice and you should not be swayed by what others think. They are both excellent choices and you can’t go wrong with either.

If you find that you really can’t decide, you can choose to do both. There was a time when a brick exterior with vinyl siding along the sides and in the back was the trend. You can still build your home this way and it is a great option if you are watching your budget but still prefer the look of brick. You can have a brick on the front exterior with siding reaching down along the sides.

There are many homes that have been built this way and if you haven’t seen them before then start looking out for them now. You might just not have noticed before that there was a mix of brick and siding. When it comes to siding installation Toronto versus brick, there really aren’t any big rules to follow when it comes to mixing and matching the two of them.

Vinyl and Aluminum House Siding Toronto Colours

Vinyl and aluminum siding is available in more colours than brick. The choice of colour for your home may also be a central part of your decision. Both vinyl and aluminum come in pretty much any colour under the rainbow while with brick you’ll be only able to choose brown, cream, grey and black tones. Even if you are set on getting brick it’s still worth taking a look at your house siding Toronto options first to make sure that you are making the right choice.

Efficiency and Durability

Both aluminum and vinyl sidings are pretty much maintenance-free and it’s easy to wash them with your garden house. These types of house siding Toronto options will last for years and the colour won’t fade. Siding is wind resistant, water resistant and resistant to pest infestations. You’ll get a warranty with your siding so you can rest assured that you have chosen a durable option that will last and last.

Siding it’s also energy-efficient and offers a complete blanket of protection to keep your house cooler during the hot months and warmer during the colder months. You can never go wrong by choosing siding installation Toronto for your new house construction.

Save Money with Siding Installation Toronto

When you’re working within a strict budget then siding would be the best choice. You’ll pay much less to get your house completely covered in vinyl or aluminum siding than you would if you chose brick. Once again, if you still love the look of brick you can choose it for the front only – if your budget allows for it. Many new homeowners that are building their own homes choose siding installation Toronto over brick installation simply due to the lower costs involved. This may or may not be a major factor for you to consider when it’s time to look at your house exterior options.

The Best Option for Flipping Houses

Choosing siding over brick is usually the best option if you’re in the house-flipping business. You’ll save a ton of money by choosing siding when the house exterior needs sprucing up. The only reason why you would ever decide to use brick for a house flip is when all the other houses in the neighbourhood are brick and you don’t want yours to stand out. Even then, the option to do a brick front exterior combined with house siding Toronto along the sides and the back still remains an option.

Most house flippers stick with siding because of the costs involved. You can make a house look absolutely gorgeous with new siding without having to spend enormous amounts on bricks.

Siding Is Easier to Install

One of the reasons why you’ll save money with siding is it is a lot easier to install than brick. There is a lot less labour involved and when time is of the essence you can get new siding up very quickly. A lot of the money that you would spend on brick will go towards the cost of labour since it is a very detailed job that requires a lot of man-hours.

Siding Contractors Toronto

Once you’ve decided on siding installation Toronto it’s time to find the best contractor to do the job. You’ll want to work with a company that has extensive experience in the field with an experienced and expert team of siding professionals. Make sure that you check out the reputations of the siding contractors Toronto and don’t make a choice based simply on the price. In many cases a quote that is significantly lower than others may have been provided by a company that doesn’t have the experience to do siding installation Toronto.

When you’re looking for the best siding contractors Toronto be sure to get an estimate from one of our professional siding consultants at We’ll let you know all of your options and answer all of your questions so that you can make an informed decision about your new house exterior.


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