FAQs about Vinyl Siding Toronto Colours

Posted Sep 12th 2022

FAQs about Vinyl Siding Toronto Colours

When it comes to vinyl siding, you probably have a lot of questions about choosing the right colour for your home. You’ll want to be absolutely certain that you have decided on the best colour right at the beginning. This is, after all, a big project you’re undertaking and it’s a huge investment in your home. In order to help you choose the right colour, we have put together some of the most frequently asked questions and the answers to them.

Should I Choose the Colour Based on the Style of My House?

This should be an important factor to consider but shouldn’t be the only one guiding you towards making a final decision. Craftsman homes often look best with earthy, rugged colours such as rich browns, olive greens and deep reds. A Victorian home can be adorned with vinyl siding Toronto in bold and vibrant colours. If you live in a low country home, think of breezy and light colours such as siding with blue hues. If you reside in a Tuscan home then take a look at the colour of the stone and choose a colour of siding that will best complement it.

A Mediterranean style of home usually looks best with warm colours. If you have an orange, terra-cotta roof, for example, peachy tones would look great. If you have a French country style home, you’ll have more flexibility when choosing your vinyl siding Toronto colours. Simply choose the colour you love the most and work from there.

Will the Siding Look Different in Various Lighting Conditions?

Think about the climate where you live and take this into account when choosing the best colour tones for your house. When you choose a colour it will look different once installed on your home on cloudy days versus sunny days. Your home will look brighter when the sun is shining down in the afternoon than it would on a cloudy morning. It’s always a good rule of thumb to take a look at the various colours you’re considering and examine them in both cloudy and sunny conditions. Find a colour that you think would look great in all types of weather. You may find that a bright colour that you choose initially looks much too bright when you see it under the glaring sun.

Should I Match the Siding Colour with the Existing Trim?

If you’re going to be putting new vinyl siding up as a replacement for the existing siding on your home, you’ll have to consider whether you are going to be updating the colour of the trim. You’ll also need to take into account the colour of your roof, doors and any other features that are currently in place. In some cases you may also have to work with the existing colours you have for landscaped areas. For example, if you have a grey interlocking walkway leading up to your door, you may want to get vinyl siding that enhances the look of it.

Should I Choose Vinyl or Aluminum Siding Toronto?

When it comes to siding for the climate in Ontario, both vinyl and aluminum siding Toronto are appropriate choices. There are pros and cons to both types of siding but in the end it may all come down to personal preference. Some people prefer the look of vinyl while others like the appearance of aluminum better. Both sidings will provide an outer shell to your home that will protect it against the elements for many years to come.

Does My Siding Need to Match Neighbouring Houses?

There is no rule that your siding needs to match your immediate neighbour’s house or any other houses on the street or in your area. You can choose your own colour based on the style of your home and your personal preference. There are some people that decide to do something completely different and this will all depend on you. If all the houses on the street have neutral siding colour, it doesn’t mean that you have to do the same.

The one thing that you might want to take into account in this regard is whether you plan on staying in the home for a long time or whether you’re going to be moving soon. If you’re planning a move in the not so distant future, it may be to your benefit to try to match the vinyl or aluminum siding with the rest of the neighbourhood siding. It’s more likely that you’ll attract more potential buyers when your house fits right into the style of the neighbourhood.

How Do I Find the Best Siding Contractors Toronto?

If you live in Toronto or anywhere across the GTA, you’ll need to find the best siding contractors Toronto to do the work for you. This is a big investment and you won’t want to give the job to just any company. Do your research, read through the reviews and call up the company to ask questions. A company that cares about its clients and customers will always take the time to answer any questions you may have before the job is even started.

During all of your dealings with the company you should feel like you are a valued customer – even when you are just making inquiries. Find a company that will provide a free quote and consultation and get the estimate in writing. Ask if the business uses its own trusted employees or whether they subcontract out the work. Ask about the guarantees and warranties that will be provided since you’ll want to know that your new aluminum or vinyl siding Toronto will pass the test of time.

When you’re looking for the best siding contractors in Toronto please visit our website now at branovasiding.com. Here you’ll find a lot of your questions answered and you can browse through our gallery to see the work we have done in the past. You can get in touch with us by email or feel free to call us to schedule a free consultation.


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