Frequently Asked Questions about House Siding Toronto

Posted Oct 29th 2021

Doing a large home-improvement job is a lot to take on in terms of time, money and energy. Siding is one of these home-improvement projects that is larger than most so you should feel confident about making the best decision when it comes to getting new house siding Toronto. To help you out, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about siding installation Toronto and Toronto siding repair.

How Do I Know If My Siding Should Be Replaced?

If you have noticed signs of fungus growing, the seams are separating, moisture is getting in or the current siding you have is starting to warp, these are all signs that your siding may need to be replaced soon. In some cases you may be able to do siding repair Toronto if only a few planks are cracked or dented while in other cases a whole new siding installation Toronto will be required. You’ll need to talk to a professional siding installer to find out exactly what your options are based on the current condition of the siding that is on your house now.

Which Type of Siding Should I Choose?

The best siding possible for your home will depend on a number of different factors. The design of the home, how old it is, what other homes in the area have similar sidings and whether you belong to a neighbourhood association will all need to be taken into account. As well, some types of sidings cost more than others so you’ll need to make a decision based on your budget.

Do I Need a New Installation or Siding Repair Toronto?

Many times problems with siding affect only some of the planks and this is especially true for aluminum and vinyl siding. In certain circumstances individual planks may be removed and replacements installed without having to disturb the other boards surrounding them. In some cases siding repair Toronto can be difficult when the siding on your home is very old and it is difficult to match up the same colours with new planks. You certainly won’t want to have one board sticking out from all the rest simply because the colour is slightly off with it.

Is Toronto Siding Repair A Lot Cheaper Than a New Installation?

This really depends on how many planks need to be repaired and the extent of the damage to them. When it comes to Toronto siding repair, you’ll need to get an estimate to get the repairs done and at the same time you can ask for a price to get brand-new siding installation Toronto. In some cases, it is worth your time to go for a brand-new installation job – especially if you want to give your home a new look and the cost difference isn’t great between the installation and the repair.

How Long Will It Take for Siding Installation Toronto to Be Completed?

This all depends on the kind of siding you choose to get installed and the size of your home. You should keep in mind that it will take some time to remove your old siding and we may have to provide a new house wrap if the old one has been damaged. If your house is very small it could take less than a week but it could take two weeks or longer if your house is very large. Your best bet is to get in touch with us to get a quote and to get a rough estimate of the time it would take for siding installation Toronto for your home.

Does the Old Siding Always Need to Be Removed?

When dealing with a new siding installation Toronto it’s not always necessary to remove all of the old siding. The decision is made on a case-by-case basis and will depend on the new type of siding you want installed and the shape your current siding is in.

Well I Need to Leave the Home While the Siding Is Being Installed?

No, you can remain in the home while your siding installation Toronto is being done. The only way the project will affect the interior of your home is it may cause pictures or other things that are hanging on your walls to shake and rattle. If you are worried about this, simply take down anything from your walls ahead of time and put them somewhere secure while the work is being done.

Why Should I Put New Siding on My Home?

New siding will provide your home with a brand-new look and updated curb appeal. It can completely rejuvenate a home that is older and there will be less maintenance involved to keep it looking great. The new siding that is currently out on the market has been designed to help reduce the cost of energy by protecting the home from the elements in the best way possible.

Do I Need to Replace My Windows When I Get New Siding?

No, you won’t have to replace your windows since the siding can be cut to fit along the windows you currently have now. Many people, however, decide to get replacement windows when they are getting siding installation Toronto. This way, energy costs can be further reduced and the house appeal can be strengthened.

Is New Siding Installation a Good Investment?

The simple answer is yes, it is. According to studies, a new siding installation Toronto can give you up to 80% return on your investment. When you’re looking for a way to give your home better curb appeal so that it will sell faster in the marketplace and for more money, new siding should be at the top of your list.

When all is said and done, there are many reasons why new siding installation Toronto just makes a lot of sense. If it’s possible, Toronto siding repair will also make your home look great again. Find out what your options are when you feel like your siding is looking old and tired by visiting our website now at


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