Soffit and Fascia Installation Toronto

Soffits can be found on the band underneath the rafter tails while fascia is the horizontal band located at the end of the rafters. They are both architectural elements that provide a finished look to a building while at the same time keeping pests out of the home. Soffit and fascia installation also provides the necessary ventilation your attic needs to remain dry. It also is necessary to complete the soffit before the final course of Vinyl Siding Installation Toronto

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Soffit and Aluminum Soffit Toronto

Soffit is used to bridge the gap between the roof lines on the home and the siding. It also allows the area to stay well ventilated to protect the attic from the weather elements. It has a functional and an aesthetic purpose and is an important part of the roofing system on any type of building. If there was no soffit on a home you'd be able to see the rafter beams from the outside.

Soffits are made with vents so that air can circulate into the attic. This ventilation is crucial to the health of the attic and offers a variety of benefits including the following:

Aluminum soffit can be used with homes made of vinyl or aluminum siding, fiber cement, stucco or brick. They come in different colours and styles so that you can choose the right soffit for your residence or commercial building.

We also offer a wooden grain, aluminum soffit called Urbanix, which offers a clean, sleek look that pairs well with contemporary, modern designs. These soffits can be incorporated with other finishes and materials to add contrast and to increase curb appeal.

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Fascia Installation & Repair Toronto

Most modern homes in the Greater Toronto Area have fascia boards, but there are many older homes in the GTA that were built without them. In some cases these older homes would require fascia installation in order to ensure that the building is well protected from moisture. Water may still be able to make its way into the home's foundation and may damage doors, windows, paint and siding.

Fascia Board Installation

Newer homes that have been built with fascia will require fascia board installation if the fascia is rotted or damaged. It can be difficult to determine whether fascia has rotted without taking the gutter off first. The fascia plays an important role in protecting the home and must be in good condition in order to support the gutters.

Fascia board installation is an important step in keeping your home protected and offers the following benefits:

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