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As a homeowner living in the Toronto area, you’ll need to look for siding materials that are able to withstand our harsh weather conditions. You’ll want the siding to add to the aesthetic appeal of the home while keeping you comfortable all year round. Both vinyl and aluminum siding can fit the bill, but over the years vinyl siding has become the most popular option. At Branova Siding, we install aluminum and vinyl siding for our customers and we will let you know the benefits and drawbacks of both types.

When it’s time to spruce up the curb appeal of your home you’ll have many options to choose from with both vinyl and aluminum siding. Branova Siding, leader Siding Contractor Toronto can provide you with a no-cost consultation regarding the different types of siding available and give you a free estimate. We are aluminum and vinyl siding experts that are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and we are always happy to supply references upon request.


Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Toronto

Vinyl Siding Installation Toronto

Branova Siding specializes in the installation of vinyl siding. Adding new siding to your home can give it an immediate makeover while adding more value to the home when it’s time to put it up for sale. Vinyl siding is your home’s first defense against the harsh elements we experience in the GTA.

Vinyl siding is available in a number of textures and colours and you can purchase siding that looks like cedar shakes or wood. With so many different choices available, it can be used on any style of architectural design.

Vinyl siding is a durable and cost-effective material for your home’s outer layer. It is also energy-efficient and you can purchase EnergyStar-certified siding that comes with a foam backing on it. This form of siding will help you cut down on your heating bills since it provides up to 4X more insulation than regular siding.

Vinyl siding is faster to install than aluminum siding, which lowers the cost of labour for the installation. The siding is easy to maintain and is rot, insect and rust-proof.

Aluminum Siding Installation Toronto

Many homeowners prefer the appearance of aluminum siding over vinyl siding since it provides an ultra-modern appearance. This siding can be used to accentuate focal points of the architecture or used to cover the entire home. It is also available in a variety of finishes and colours so it will never be a problem finding one that would look amazing on your home.

Aluminum siding can also withstand the harsh winters that we experience in Toronto. It is coated twice followed by an advanced topcoat. The paint finish is highly durable and fade-resistant due to the baked-on technology that is used in the processing of the aluminum. Available in a smooth or a textured finish, you’ll have your choice of colour-coordinated accessories and trims to choose from to match the rest of the siding on your home.


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