Roof Repair Toronto – What Are the Most Common Roof Repairs?

Posted Jul 06th 2022

Roof Repair Toronto – What Are the Most Common Roof Repairs?

Your house is your largest asset so it makes sense that you take good care of the part that protects it. Many of the signs that your roof needs a repair can be seen easily when you look up from the ground but there are others that can remain undetected for a long time. Even the smallest leak can cause a lot of damage before you notice that there is any problem. It’s always best to hire a roof repair company that will send out a contractor to inspect your roof. It’s definitely worth the time, trouble and the small amount of money to find any leaks before any damage can occur. 

Here are some of the most common problems that can occur with roofs:

Roof Leaks

The most common type of roof problem is a leaking roof. In some cases something has fallen onto the roof and penetrated it to cause the leak while at other times the roof shingles have surpassed their life expectancy. If you have determined that you may have a leak due to some stains developing on your walls, take a look at the roof above the area where the stain occurs. If you can access your attic you can go up there and look for evidence with a flashlight. You’ll be looking for mold, black marks or any water stains. If you don’t have access to your attic you’ll need to go up on the roof directly to take a look for the problem.

Hail Damage

We can get huge hail storms here in Toronto and if a large piece of hail hits a shingle it can cause a tear or a puncture. Smaller hailstones may simply knock off the surface granules on a shingle, which damages its protective layer. The shingle can then easily become destroyed by the UV sun rays. If you have had a recent hailstone and suspect that your roof may have been damaged, it’s best to get an inspection done by a roof repair Toronto company.

Roof Vents

Sometimes the roof vents can be a problem. There may be a cracked housing on a roof vent made of plastic or if you have metal vents there may be broken seams on them. If this is the case the damaged vents will need to be replaced. Caulking around the vents is a very temporary fix that won’t last too long. It’s best to leave the replacement of vents up to a professional roof repair company to make sure that the job is done properly and will last for many years.

Improper Roof Installation Toronto

As a Toronto roofing company we have seen far too many bad installations of roofs by incompetent contractors. We have been called out to fix many roofs that have not been installed properly. It’s so important to only work with a licensed and insured company for roof installation. When you use a cheap company you can only expect to get a cheap job done. If you suspect that your roof installation wasn’t done properly, we can come out and inspect it for you. We’ll let you know if we see any problems so that you can rest assured that any issues are spotted before they cause large problems.

Metal Flashing

Metal flashing is used when the shingles on the roof will come into contact with other surfaces such as chimneys and walls. Installing flashing takes know-how and time and cheaper roofers may end up putting on a lot of roof cement to avoid using the flashing. This is only a short-term sealing method and it won’t take long until the cement starts to crack, harden and leak. As well, when excessive roof cement is put on, it can make the repair to put on the missing flashing much more difficult. If you happen to see heavy patchwork that was previously done on your roof, give us a call as soon as you can to avoid any future issues from occurring.

Problems with Chimney Flashing

Step flashing is the part of chimney flashing that goes up each side of the chimney. Counterflashing is used to cover up the step flashing. If you have had a prior roofing job that wasn’t done properly, some shortcuts may have been taken along the way with the chimney flashing.

If this flashing isn’t installed properly, it can lead to rotten framing and sheathing. This is very important since the counter flashing and the step flashing ensure that the water can’t go down the chimney and end up in the attic. Roof cement or caulking isn’t enough to keep this water out of the attic. If you have concerns about your chimney flashing you can go into your attic following a day of heavy rain and look for any signs of water leaking in the area where the chimney would be.

Kick-Out Flashing

This type of flashing is installed where the edge of the roof comes into contact with the side wall. It stops the rain from flowing down the wall to prevent the precipitation from getting inside. It is especially important to install this correctly – especially when there is a window or a door below. If it hasn’t been put up properly the water can make its way into the trim along the edges of the door or window and sometimes it isn’t noticed for many years. By the time you do notice that water has seeped in, it may be too late and the inside walls may be rotted beyond repair.

Roof Maintenance Toronto

You have invested a lot of money in your roof and the best way to protect it is with regular roof maintenance. This is the easiest way to spot smaller concerns before they become larger, costly problems. Work with a roofing contractor that offers roof maintenance programs to maintain the integrity of your roof and everything it protects. Find out more about our roof maintenance service on our website at


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