Stone Veneer Siding Benefits

Posted Dec 09th 2022

Stone Veneer Siding Benefits

Stone veneer has become more popular during the years due to its natural stone appearance. You’ll see it on many modern homes and it looks absolutely stunning. Stone veneer siding is made from aggregates, pigments of iron oxide and Portland cement and can be used as a siding both on the exterior and the interior of a home.

Is Stone Veneer Siding Durable?

This is an extremely durable product that can act as a tough shell to protect the exterior of your home. It can also be used indoors on fireplace settings, interior walls and may be used as a stove backsplash since it can withstand smoke and fire. In fact, stone veneer siding can be manufactured as a fireplace and look just as beautiful as natural stone while costing much less.

Grey Stone Veneer Siding

While you’ll have a number of different colours and tones to choose from, grey stone veneer siding has become one of the more popular choices. Grey has become the perfect neutral colour for homes that don’t want to settle for simple cream, white or beige colours. Light and dark grey stone veneer siding is available for both exterior and interior applications.

How Is Stone Veneer Installed?

If you have been thinking about getting your home re-sided you’ll have a variety of options to choose from. While you have probably already considered vinyl and aluminum siding, you may not have thought about stone veneer. This veneer looks absolutely beautiful once it has been installed and the installation itself is fairly straightforward.

The first thing we will do is pull off all of the siding where the stone veneer will be installed and then we will put down a scratch coating. Then, an underlayment is placed and then the system is mortared in. We will then return once this has dried to apply the grout. The time it takes to completely install the stone veneer siding on your home will all depend on the size of your home and whether you are planning to install the stone on all of the walls or just some of them.

The Advantages of Stone Veneer Siding

Stone veneer siding is perfect for people that love a natural stone appearance and want to achieve that look for their homes. This veneer appears very sophisticated and would be a great investment for the future.
When you’re looking at doing a big project for your home in terms of renovations it’s always important to look at the return on investment you could get if you decided to resell the property. It has been estimated that you could recoup approximately 95% or more of what you paid for the entire project if you ever decide to sell. This type of siding stands out more than the regular aluminum and vinyl siding that you are used to seeing. It can make a house ‘pop’ and stand above all others once it has been added.

Stone Veneer Accent Walls

One of your other options is to create a stone veneer accent wall on the exterior of your home. When you don’t want to completely cover your home with this ‘faux stone’ you can still add a new element to it with just one or two walls. Stone veneer accent walls will bring the appearance of your home to a brand-new level and with proper upkeep and maintenance, you can expect the siding to last for at least 20 years and possibly up to 75 years.

Stone Veneer Siding Canada

Stone veneer siding in Canada has become another viable option for keeping your home protected. It’s as sturdy and as beautiful as the type of natural rock it looks like and can be used indoors and out. You can cover your entire home with it or use it to create stone veneer accent walls. Some homeowners also choose to use stone veneer siding when remodeling their back or front porches or garages and this veneer can also be applied to columns and pillars at the entranceway of your home. There are no limitations when it comes to the uses for stone veneer.

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