Toronto Siding Repair – Your Questions Answered

Posted Oct 11th 2022

Toronto Siding Repair – Your Questions Answered

As a leading Toronto siding repair company we often get asked the same types of questions by our potential customers. Putting new siding on a home is a huge project and we know that you have questions that need answers. Find out what the most frequently asked questions are for siding repair and if you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

How Do I Know If I Can Get Siding Repair or If I Need a Brand-New Siding Job Done?

Many customers wonder whether replacing the damaged siding would be enough or if all of the siding needs to be replaced. The answer to this question depends on a number of different factors. If you have relatively new siding that still looks in great shape but has suffered damage in just one area, it’s likely that you’ll be able to get siding repair Toronto done on just that specific damaged area. For example, if a tree came down and landed against the side of your home, your siding may have taken a beating as a result in a small area. The rest of the siding may be perfectly good and you’ll only need to repair the spot that has suffered damage.

On the other hand, if a tree falls against your home and you are dealing with older siding, it may be in your best interests to consider getting a complete siding job done that covers the entire home. It really all depends on the state of your existing siding at the time of the accident and whether or not new siding is available that will match your existing material.

How Is Siding Repair Done?

Sometimes we are able to replace sections of siding by taking out the damaged part with a professional saw and then replacing the broken parts with new material. If the new siding is going to be placed in an area of the home that receives a lot of sunlight, you may find that it’s impossible to perfectly match up the colour of the siding. This part of the home that has received sunlight may have slightly faded the existing siding, which is why many homeowners decide to replace an entire wall of siding when there is damage.

You’ll need to talk to a siding repair specialist to find out exactly what your options are. Every siding repair is assessed on a case-by-case basis and the outcome may be determined by not only what would be the best course of action but also on your budget.

When Is the Best Time to Get House Siding?

Ideally, the best time to get your repairs done for house siding is in the fall. This is the time of the year when the weather conditions are most favourable for this type of job. The temperature is moderate and we generally don’t experience as much precipitation during fall as we do in spring. Of course, if the house siding repair needs to be done immediately to preserve the integrity of your home, it should be done quickly at any time of the year.

How Long Does It Take to Repair the Siding?

Small, simple jobs can be done quickly while more complicated work needs more time. In most cases the siding professional can tell you when the job can be scheduled and how long it will take during the consultation. You’ll also be given a quote based on the materials required and how long the job is expected to take.

Can I Repair the Siding Myself?

We never suggest repairing siding yourself since there are too many things that could possibly go wrong. The siding on your home offers protection from the weather elements. Siding creates an outer shell that keeps moisture from penetrating into the inner layers of your home. If any part of that shell remains vulnerable for any length of time, the structural integrity of your home could be compromised. As well, you may end up paying higher utility costs for the energy you use to heat or cool your home. With prices rising so quickly for gas, oil and electricity, it’s well worth the money to get the repair done by a professional. You’ll save a lot on a long-term basis.

How Long Can I Put off Getting My Siding Repaired?

There are a number of possible issues that can occur due to faulty siding. This may include rotting walls, water damage and much more. When you first notice a problem you should contact our company to get the extent of the damage assessed. This is the best way to prevent any internal damage from occurring.

What Types of Materials Are Used for Siding Repairs?

In most cases homeowners are replacing either their aluminum or vinyl siding. If you have another type of siding, however, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are the siding specialists that can help with a variety of siding repairs. We have access to a wide range of materials in different colours, textures and materials. We will let you know your options in terms of the best siding to use when we arrive on site and see what is required for your specific job.

The Siding Specialists That Will Work with You

We understand that many of our customers are dealing with financial constraints and we will do everything we can to fix your home on a budget. We will let you know what can be done, what should be done and we’ll help you find a possible solution that you can afford. If there is any chance that we can repair the siding we will and we will never push you to make a decision that you don’t feel comfortable with.

When you need Toronto siding repair, we are the company that understands our customers. Give us a call now or reach out to us through our website at if you have any questions at all about siding repairs or new siding installations.


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