Posted Aug 04th 2023

With years of expertise under our belt, we proudly service both residential and commercial properties, always aiming to exceed customer expectations. As mentioned in the Toronto Blogs article, The 11 Best Best Siding Contractors in Toronto [2023], our commitment to quality workmanship and stellar service is unwavering. Whether you require siding repair or vinyl sidings installation in Toronto, we’ve got you covered.



We’ve been serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for many years, establishing ourselves as one of the leading siding repair companies.


Our workmanship is top-notch, and by employing factory-certified installers, we ensure the best warranties for our clients.


We recognize the unique weather conditions of Toronto and use materials aptly suited for your region.

Comprehensive Services

Beyond just siding, our offerings include eavestrough, soffit, aluminum capping, and roof repairs and installations.


Vinyl & Aluminum siding

For Toronto residents, siding isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also about protection from harsh weather. At Branova Siding, we’re experts in both aluminum and vinyl siding. Both are designed to withstand severe Canadian weather conditions. Vinyl siding is a cost-effective material with 4x more insulation than regular siding, which can help you cut down on heating bills. At the same time, Aluminum siding is favoured by many homeowners for its sleek, modern aesthetic. A fresh siding installation can immediately elevate your home’s appearance, potentially boosting its market value.

Eavestrough & leaf guard  repair and installation

An eavestrough is an integral component of your home’s rainwater management system. Our advanced machinery can produce seamless eavestroughs tailored precisely to your property’s dimensions. We don’t just install, we also offer cleaning and maintenance, ensuring your gutters are free from debris and fully functional. Experience the future of clog-free gutters with Leaf Guard. Its unique debris-shedding design ensures your gutters remain unblocked, especially during the leaf-shedding autumn season. Regardless of your roof’s size, our kits are designed for all, making installations a breeze.

Soffit & fascia repair and installation

Both the soffit and fascia prevent pests from entering the home. Soffits are equipped with vents, allowing air to flow into the attic. While most contemporary homes in the Greater Toronto Area feature fascia boards, many older homes don’t. These older structures need fascia installations to safeguard against potential moisture damage, which can affect the foundation, doors, windows, paint, and siding.

Aluminum capping

With Aluminum Capping shields your home from the elements, which is particularly vital for harsh climates. With aluminum capping, say goodbye to repainting around doors and windows. We tailor each piece for a perfect fit, offering capping for posts, roofs, soffits, fascia, and more. Opt for a green choice; our aluminum is made from recycled materials, reducing your carbon footprint.

Roof repair and installation

At Branova Siding, our expertise spans residential and commercial roof repairs and installations. Our team thoroughly inspects the extent of any roof damage, guiding homeowners between complete replacements and cost-effective maintenance. For critical roofing issues, we offer immediate emergency waterproofing and patching. Our roofing services range from Permanent and temporary emergency repairs, leak detection and roof shingle repair, roof vents and ice removal, cladding repairs, replacements, and preventative maintenance.

Jamies Hardie siding

Elevate your home’s aesthetics with James Hardie high-performance siding, known for its modern and stunning finish. This siding is made to withstand worst-case weather conditions. At Branova, we ensure the right siding for your region’s climate to ensure long-term durability. James Hardie siding offers superior durability as it is moisture and rot-resistant and offers fire protection.

Stone Veneer

Whether you’re looking for exterior or interior sidings, stone sidings provide a unique, natural aesthetic compared to other materials. Made of Portland cement, lightweight natural aggregates, and iron oxide pigments; stone veneer is versatile, suitable for fireplace facings, poolside walls, and more. Explore our variety of colours and styles that will perfectly match your requirements.

Reach out to our seasoned team today for a no-obligation quote. We promise to give you the attention and clarity you need, answering any queries and walking you through our recommendations. Your property deserves the best; with us, that’s precisely what you’ll get.


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