What You Should Understand Prior to Siding Installation in Toronto

Posted Feb 14th 2022

What You Should Understand Prior to Siding Installation in Toronto

Your home gives your home the barrier it needs to protect you from Toronto’s harsh climate conditions. Over the years, however, this protection may wear down and you may need to replace or repair it. While most homes can last more than a century, the different parts of them don’t last as long. If you have siding on your home that has been there for many years or have a different layer of protection on the outside of the home that you want to update with new siding, it’s time to look for siding installation Toronto specialists that will do the job right.

Here are some of the things to consider when you need to either replace your siding, repair it or get a brand-new look for your home with siding.

Understand When It’s Time for Siding Repair

In many cases the siding on a home can be repaired and does not need to be completely replaced. It all depends on the overall condition of the siding and how many bumps and dents it has received over the years. Siding that has gone past its typical lifespan will show signs of physical problems that may include:

  • Cracks
  • Deformities
  • Signs of melting
  • Discolouration or fading
  • Higher than average energy bills


When siding has gone past its prime it may have cracks in it and although the cracks may seem small and insignificant they can lead to further damage to your home. Cracks are an open invitation to pests, mould and moisture that you certainly don’t want in your home. There is also the possibility that water damage could occur, which could ultimately weaken your home’s foundation. At this point a new siding installation Toronto or Toronto siding repair would be required.


Typical deformities on siding would include bulging and warping. If this occurs with your siding it may be an indication that water is getting through your exterior walls and into the interior walls of your home. This can be a very serious problem and can cause structural damage if it isn’t addressed quickly. If only some of the siding is showing signs of deformities you may only need to replace some of the siding but if a lot has been damaged you may require complete siding installation Toronto.

Signs of Melting

If you have older siding it could show signs of melting if it is on the side of the home that is regularly exposed to intense heat. This problem can also cause serious structural damage if it is left too long without getting repaired.

Discolouration or Fading

If you have noticed that your siding has become faded or discoloured you may find that it is leaving your home looking dull and lifeless. Beyond changing the aesthetics of your house, discolouration and fading may signify that there is moisture damage occurring. Take a look at the interior of your home to see any signs of peeling paint, mould or mildew. If you happen to see any of these issues it’s time to call up a Toronto siding repair company as quickly as possible to get the damage assessed.

Higher Than Average Energy Bills

Sometimes a homeowner may notice that their energy bills are surging without any apparent cause for it. In some cases it can be due to faulty siding. The exterior siding on your home must be in perfect shape in order to give your home the total protection it needs from the elements. If you find that your air conditioning, ventilation or heating systems have to work twice as hard as they used to, it may be a siding problem that is causing the issue. Call up a siding installation Toronto company to get your siding inspected if you suspect that this may be the cause.

How to Check for Damage on Your Siding

Every year you should do a thorough inspection of your siding to make sure that it is still in good shape -especially if you are dealing with older siding that has been on your house for quite a while. Simply grab a screwdriver and poke it underneath the siding. If you notice that the area beneath the siding is soft, this is cause for concern. It usually means that water is getting through the siding and could potentially rot the wood underneath it. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need an overhaul of your home’s siding or may just require Toronto siding repair in a few specific areas.

When It’s Time for a Change

There are many different issues to look for when you have a home with older siding on it but there are times when the siding is still in half-decent shape when you may want to replace it anyway. The exterior of your home is the first thing that you see when you pull up into your driveway after a hard day at work. You should feel proud of the aesthetic look of your home. If you are getting tired of it or simply want a change to refresh the appearance of your house, get in touch with siding contractors Toronto today.

Branova Siding in Toronto and the GTA

If you have any concerns about your current siding and need to get an assessment done, work with reliable and experienced siding contractors in Toronto. Getting new siding is a big job and you’ll want to be certain that it is done right the first time. Research the company you’re going to be working with and don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. You’ll need highly-trained professionals to install the siding correctly.

There are many different types of siding to choose from and when you are looking for the right kind and colour for your home get in touch with the professionals at branovasiding.com. We are pleased to offer helpful advice to our customers and we can show you the wide range of siding that would be the most suitable for your home. Please call or fill out the contact form on our site today when you have questions that you need answered about the exterior of your home.


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