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At Branova Siding we are experts in residential and commercial roof repairs and installations. Our team has had years of experience replacing and repairing all types of roof systems. If your roof has reached its end of life, a complete replacement may be your only option. If there are only a few minor problems with it, roof repair may be the best, most cost-effective option to choose.

Your roof is the first line of defense to protect your home from the elements. If your roof is damaged due to fallen trees or other types of storm damage, a repair may be in order. It's important to have your roof examined by professionals to assess how extensive the damage is.

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Roof Repair in Toronto with
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It's important to get roof repair done right the first time to ensure that there will be no additional future problems once the repair has been done. Our repair specialists can give you the peace of mind you need. We are seasoned experts when it comes to roof repair in Toronto.

Our staff will be dispatched quickly when you call and we can perform emergency waterproofing and patching on the spot when you're dealing with a critical roofing issue. We can also perform any repairs necessary on fascia, siding, eavestroughs and cladding.

Moisture can cause major issues in any home and can lead to mildew and mould buildup while damaging the insulation in your attic. Drywall damage, furniture damage and more may also occur. When shingles are missing due to storms, moisture can penetrate into roofing systems and if these leaks aren't addressed immediately, the structural integrity of your home may be compromised.

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Building Roof Services

As a leading Toronto roofing contractor, Branova Siding provides the following roof repair and installation services:

Roof Cleaning and Maintenance

Roof cleaning and maintenance is recommended to improve the lifespan of your roof. When your roof is kept clean it's easier to spot any problems or flaws that could possibly compromise the integrity of your roof. Keeping the area clean also maintains the curb appeal of your home.

At Branova Siding we offer an excellent roof preventative maintenance program. Whether you need a new building roof or roof repair in the Greater Toronto Area, this maintenance program can help extend the life expectancy of the roofing materials. It will also help keep your home looking as good at the top as it does on the sides and bottom.


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